Reduce Phone Calls & Empower your Team

Jun 08 2020

Reduce Phone Calls & Empower your Team

If you are like many business owners, you may receive dozens of calls and interruptions a day from employees asking you to help them with a problem. If you give them the solution/answer each time, guess what? That’s right. They will keep calling you! You are feeding/enabling their habit!

This is a script that you can use when an employee calls you for help to a problem they may have on-site or in another area in the business. It is designed to have them to start thinking for themselves and to be solution-oriented versus problem-focused.


So, the question comes in; either in person or on the phone,

EMPLOYEE: How do I fix <THE CHALLENGE>? OR, I am having a problem with <THE CHALLENGE>?

YOU: Okay, thanks for calling me. Out of interest what are your three possible solutions to fixing <THE CHALLENGE>?

EMPLOYEE: Oh, I don’t have anything that’s why I am calling you…

YOU: So, what could be three possible solutions to <THE CHALLENGE>?

EMPLOYEE: Oh, I don’t have any. I don’t really know.

YOU: Well, if you did know, what would three possible solutions be?

EMPLOYEE: Uhmm, I’m not really sure.

YOU: Well, how about we hang up. You think of three possible solutions or discuss them with whoever is on-site with you, and then give me a call back to discuss the options, I’ll speak to you soon.



EMPLOYEE: Hi, I would like some assistance with a problem I have on-site.

YOU: What is the situation?

EMPLOYEE: They describe <THE CHALLENGE> and you ask…

YOU: So, what are your three solutions?

EMPLOYEE: The options are A, B and C…

YOU: Ok, great thinking. So, of A, B, or C, which one they think would be the best one <THE CHALLENGE>?

EMPLOYEE: I think solution B.


If you feel that solution B is the best solution, congratulate them on the choice and explain why you think it’s the best choice.

If they choose option A and you think option B would be the best, discuss the pros and cons of option A, and then explain why option B is the best solution. Ensure they understand why option B is the best solution, and if the situation happens again, why this would be the best plan or action to take.

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