Improve Efficiency Within Your Team

Without doubt one of the key areas in your business where you can increase efficiencies is with your team and their performance – both as individuals and as a team.

Recent statistics show that most employees are only 69% efficient in their roles on a day to day basis. This means that the average worker wastes 30% of their time!

Let’s put this into some numbers…

38 hours x 48 weeks = 1824 hours per year

1824 hours x 30% = 547 hours

547 hours/8 hours = 68 days wasted per year!

Inefficiencies in your team ALWAYS show up in the bottom line, so ask yourself:

  • Where are there inefficiencies with your team at present in your business?
  • What is an inefficient team costing your business in a dollar amount per year?

Now to do something about it! Review the performance of each of your team players and give them a grade A, B, C, or D.

  • A grade team players have a high level of skill and a great attitude. They are committed to the business, are positive, proactive and take responsibility for their actions. They also look for ways to improve and build on their knowledge and skills.
  • These team players possess the same attitude and enthusiasm as A graders, however they are yet to develop their skillset to the same level. Over time B grade team players will build on their skills and become A grade.
  • Cs have a high level of skill and have developed this skill over time. However, something along the way has let them down and their attitude has dropped. The C graders have become complacent, in some cases lazy and have an entitlement mentality. They won’t take strides to improve their attitude or skills because they feel they don’t have to.
  • D is for dud. These employees have a bad attitude and do not possess the skills required to do the job. However they became members of your team, perhaps simply a miss-hire, they shouldn’t be there now.

From your review, you can start to move forward with creating a more efficient team. Firstly and simply remove the D graders- they don’t perform at the required level and they don’t really care to do the work to improve, so what are you paying them for?!

Secondly, look at your C graders. While you benefit from their high level of skill, C graders can be “cancerous” to the rest of the team, particularly for the B graders who look to them for guidance while learning the trade. Their cynical attitude and lack of motivation can influence the B graders, who then become duds (low level skill and attitude). Misery loves company and Cs will spread around their negativity as much as possible. These employees should be given the opportunity to step up and improve their attitude or they should follow the same path as the Ds and be removed from the team.

Now, with only the most committed, hardworking players on your team, you will see your efficiencies improve and less time wasted. You can now look to bring on more quality team players to help move your business forward.

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