How to Hire Quality Staff

The reality is that it is becoming more and more difficult to find quality staff. Many employers are hiring in a hurry out of fear of being short-staffed, however, having the wrong person on the team can cause more challenges and cost more in the long term.

Having a strong recruitment strategy in place can save you time when looking to bring on a new team member, as well as ensuring that your recruit is the absolute best person for the role.

Here are some suggestions to improve your recruitment process that will have you say goodbye to that pile of “maybe” resumes and build confidence in the quality of the people on your team.

Have a vision- know who you want

Create a list of your must-have, non-negotiable key attributes for your new hire. Brainstorming with your team on these points will give you new perspective. This list should include attitude traits such as proactive, enthusiastic, etc. as well as skills as required by the role. Ensure that the vision for your ideal person ties in with your business’ core values and that you have a clear position description.

Create the right environment

If you were applying for the role, would you want to work in your business? Look at your current team; does their attitude and work ethic match your core values? Do you provide opportunities for career progression and personal growth? How do give recognition for great work or feedback if they need to step up their game?

Have applicants remove themselves from the running

Include 3-5 questions to be answered as a part of the application process along with sending through a resume and cover letter. These will give you an insight into the personality and communication skills of the potential hire as well as letting you know their ability to follow directions. If you receive an application with unanswered questions, hit the delete button. Example questions: “Tell us about a time where you were extra-mile in you providing customer service” or “what is your greatest learning experience?”

If you have strict timeframes around when you can interview and your hopeful candidate cannot make that time, remove them from the list. If they really wanted the job, they would find a way to make it work.

Skills test

Sure, the applicant’s resume may be glowing, but is it all true? Don’t just take their word for it; ensure they can do what they say by putting them to the test. A half or full day trial will give you more insight than 1 on 1 interviews alone. Will you be required to pay them? Most likely, depending on the duration and work involved, but it’s worth it to be proven wrong now than waiting til they are welcomed to the team.

For more information on hiring quality staff and improving your recruitment process, contact the PROTRADE United team today.

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