The Best Way to Motivate Your Employees

There are three main ways to motivate your employees. They are fear, incentives and growth. Let’s take a look at each one.

1. Fear

This is not good. Number one, it isn’t right, and number two, it doesn’t work well in the long run and isn’t good for the overall health of the business. Yet, still there are people who use it. They make blatant or veiled threats in order to get people to work. It’s my way or the highway mentality. There is a better way.

2. Incentives

I believe that “What gets rewarded, gets done/repeated.” This is the technique that says, “If you do this, then you will get this.” The problem here is that people will be led this way for a while, and it will surely be profitable and productive. Yet eventually, most people come to the end of being driven by incentive. This is because most people are innately driven by something even deeper.

3. Growth.

Personal growth. Do you ever wonder how the personal growth industry has gotten so huge? It is because it scratches an itch that lies within each person. Every person has within them, a desire to get better. Now, obviously, some are more in tune with that desire than others, but each person has it, and it can a great motivating factor.

First, here is how it doesn’t work. You don’t say, “If you do this, then I will give you a personal growth opportunity.” That is still incentive.

Here is how it does work: You simply make it a core value of your business or company that management will give regular opportunity for personal and professional growth to all members of the team.

I say both personal and professional growth very purposely. There will always be the opportunity and need for professional growth, and the employees expect that. They may or may not appreciate it though.

However, personal growth opportunities, given with no strings attached, will be appreciated, and rewarded with ultra-motivated employees.

Here are some simple ideas:

A Library stocked with books that help them in their professional and family life.

Any kind of Development Seminar that will benefit the employee.

Days off to pursue personal development opportunities.

Invest in your employee’s personal growth and they will reward you with high motivation, productivity and loyalty!

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