The #1 Staff Retention Tool

Firstly – the word ‘staff’ – is now banned. Yes, I did use it in the headline – only because that this term that most people can relate to. The reality is your staff members are part of your team; and therefore need to be referred to as ‘team players’. Football teams do not refer to their players as staff, they are team members or players.

Anyway…enough of that, you get the point!


As human beings we are always learning new things, as the old saying goes, you learn something new every day. This is never truer than within the work place. In this day and age it is vitally important to ensure that your team are performing at their best.

Training your team is the best and most cost effective development tool available to business owners and managers. In order for any business to remain effective in an ever changing world it is key for all members of the team to be flexible, susceptible to change and to monitor and develop their own personal performance.

Training of your team can be in a number of various forms and in each case should be tailored to the actual needs, concerns and expectations of the business. Below are the main focus points which should be explored when thinking about training your team.

1) The ability to present and communicate effectively. This is pertinent to any business which involves direct selling and client management. Check that your team members are confident and possess the right qualities to perform this skill effectively.

2) Telephone communications. Almost every single business all over the world, no matter which sector or line of work you are in have to speak to customers, suppliers and potential clients each and every day. These people will form an opinion of your business based on the person they are speaking to on the end of the phone. If your team comes across as unprofessional, un-knowledgeable about the services provided or disinterested then this is going to be nothing but harmful to your business. Without trying to take away anyone’s individuality you may wish to instill a standard with regards to everyone all saying the same opening phrase when answering the phone. Just call PROTRADE United and you will get a taste of this!

3) Time management and productivity. This is one of the biggest bug bears for business owners and managers alike. The need and desire for wanting their team to have the highest level of time management is one of the top qualities managers are looking for in their team. From attending meetings at the time agreed, arriving for work on time and not taking far too long to do a certain task are all factors that the leaders are looking for.

4) Goal setting. Managers should always be looking to hold regular meetings with their team. Whether this is weekly, monthly, bi monthly or quarterly will depend solely on the type of business which is being run. During these catch ups the manager should discuss performance, any issues which have arisen with those individuals, any training needs identified by either the team member or manager and also the goals or expectations for the next period.

Help them help you!

If you wish you team to be productive, engaged and committed – then help them help you! History has shown that a business that invests in training for their team – has lower levels of turnover, less sick days and HR associated expenses. What you nurture grows and develops. What you neglect dies and disappears!

For more information on creating a cohesive team, or to discuss training options for your business’s future leaders, contact PROTRADE United today.

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