Stand Out From the Competition

Why should customers buy from you rather than your competitors, doing it themselves or doing nothing at all?

Before you can answer this you need to know your competitors (find your competitor analysis template here). How do you compare? What makes you more unique, more valuable, and more visible in the market?

In our highly competitive world, you have to be unique and fill a special niche to be successful in the marketplace. So, how do you show that your product or service is the best?

Having a Brand Promise that separates you from the competition and positions you as the best choice, the ONLY choice, will dramatically improve the positioning and marketability of your company and products or services.

Building your Brand Promise takes some effort, but it is absolutely worth it. Using a powerful Brand Promise will make your job of marketing and selling much easier, enabling you to more easily increase your sales and profits for the same budget.

Your Brand Promise is the very essence of what you are offering. It needs to be so compelling that it can be used as a headline that sells your product or service. Therefore, since you want to optimise all your marketing materials for maximum results, create it before anything else (such as advertisements and marketing copy).

Let me be blunt; your prospect doesn’t care if you offer the best quality, service, or price. You have to explain exactly WHY that is important to them. Think in terms of what your business does for your customer and the end-result they desire from a product or service like yours.

Guideline to developing your Brand Promise:

  • Identify which needs are going unfulfilled within either your industry or your local market (known as performance gaps). Many businesses that base their Brand Promise on industry performance gaps are successful.
  • Look at the most frustrating things your customer experiences when working with you or your industry. Alleviate that “PAIN” in your Brand Promise and make sure you deliver on your promises.
  • You could ask your target market “What cheeses you off about doing business with our industry?” Then promise that this will NEVER happen with your business.
  • Consumers are sceptical of advertising claims companies make. So alleviate their scepticism by being specific and offering proof when possible. The Brand Promise must be able to be measured.
  • Condense your promise into one clear and concise sentence with compelling salesmanship fused into every single word.
  • Include variations of your Brand Promise into all your marketing collateral.
  • Lastly, DELIVER on your Brand Promise (don’t make a promise you can’t keep!)

For more information on creating a unique Brand Promise and improving your place in the market, contact PROTRADE united today.

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