Improving Leadership in the Workplace

Your business isn’t run by business, its run by people, first and foremost by YOU!
Whether you like it or not, believe it or not, you have created what’s around you.

If your business is running exactly the way you like it, achieving the dream, growing, developing whatever your vision is – well done, keep doing what you’re doing while it works. If it’s not, well… your business is a reflection of you, if you don’t like what you see, the good news is you can change it.

They say the most important asset in your business is the people who work in your business. If their performance isn’t up to par- have you done all you can to get them performing at top level? If your workplace is chaotic and disorganised- how organised are you? If your team players are not respectful to each other and to you- how are you treating them?

Here are 6 steps to leading a great team:

  • Your first step to amazing leadership begins with you being the example, not setting the example. If you expect your team to be in on time, then you commit to the time you’ve set for yourself too. If there is a certain dress standard, then you’re the standard personified.
  • Set about creating a work environment to attract quality staff. How can you expect to have a five star team with 5 star productivity if your work place is just a 2 star facility?
  • Focus on staff training; don’t throw your team into the deep end and watch them sink. Get them started properly with clear job descriptions, KPIs and a training schedule. Ensure your induction guidelines are clear and precise.
  • Share your vision and core values regularly- remind your team of where you intend the business to go and how you will all get there together.
  • Feedback is essential for any successful business. People’s intentions are usually good; it’s just their actions that tend to go astray. An in depth performance review should take place at least once a year, more often if you have a team member who has been pulled up on their actions in the past. Remember, praise loud and in public, reprimand in private.
  • Rewarding and keeping your team: most business owners think that everyone wants $$, not true. Praise and recognition is very powerful, as is time. Do you know how your team like to be rewarded? Sometimes something as simple as “you’ve worked extra hard this week and hit all your goals, you deserve an early mark” is all that is required to have a consistent repeat of that performance.

Following these simple steps will not only improve staff retention, but will make your work life much easier and less stressful. In the end business is a reflection of its owner, if you want the business to improve, you need to improve first.

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