Improve Staff Retention By Reducing Your Payroll

All too often I see hardworking business owners almost held to ransom by certain employees. They infect the team with bad attitudes and behaviour creating a toxic workplace which, not only reduces morale, it also impacts productivity and profits fall through the floor.

You know the type of person I am talking about! This employee is adequately skilled, and in some cases able to produce amazing results, however their bad attitude, negativity, gossip and continual whining and moaning impacts the rest of the team and also consumes valuable head space in your mind.

You may wonder if letting this person go is the right thing to do, but realise- their behaviour is like a cancer. It impacts the team’s morale, no one wants to work with them and in particular has people question your leadership and look elsewhere for employment.

If you allow fear and scarcity to control your decision, you will likely hang on to this person far longer than they deserve as you need their skills. Yet, through experience and also observation of businesses that I have coached, letting this person go is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your team and the business.


Here is why…


1) As soon as they are gone, other team players will share with you what a relief it is that they are no longer part of the team, and will also share other aspects of how their bad behaviour impacted the team. It’s almost like the skeletons are out of the closet.

2) The rest of the team will step up to cover for the short fall because they’ll respect your decision for letting them go.

3) Thirdly, it will be an absolute relief to yourself, even though there may be short-term discomfort with less employees, you can finally sleep at night knowing this person is not continuing to infect your team, talk badly about the business, pull down your reputation and image and negate the hard work that you have put into developing your organisation.

Now…I didn’t say that this would be an easy conversation with this destructive type of team player, however it is one that you know you should and must have.

For future hiring, the best way to avoid this kind of stress and unpleasantness is to prevent it with a clear recruitment strategy. Knowing your requirements for the role as well as what you simply will not accept and sticking to these guidelines.

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