How to Create a Flood of Customers

Customers usually increase as your business grows, so it is important to know how to maximise new customers and keep them satisfied and happy.

The goal is to create evangelists for your business – customers who will sell for you… Don’t we love those people?

The most powerful form of promotion is word of mouth and it’s up to you to create something for your customers to tell their friends about. You can do this by creating a WOW factor at three times – before, during and after the sale. Here are some simple ideas for how to create a WOW factor:

Pre-Sale WOW

Give your prospective customers the ‘frontline WOW’… People will judge your business on the three 12’s:

  • What they see in the first 12 steps as they walk into your place of business
  • What they hear in the first 12 words you say to them
  • How they feel in the first 12 seconds they are with you

If you can educate before you sell, you are on your way to creating a WOW factor. Explain the feature of your product range and how it can benefit your prospective customer. Give them hints and tips before they buy… You could hand out printed information in a booklet or flyer.

During the sale WOW

While you are transacting the sale there are many ways you can get closer to creating a WOW. How you present what you are selling can make a WOW impression. In a similar way to gift-wrapping a retail product, think about how you can exceed your customers’ expectations while you are delivering the sale. Could you develop a customer loyalty card – to reward your VIP clients? How can you gather information about your customer, for instance what they like and what is important to them?

Post-sale WOW

Once you’ve made the sale, don’t stop WOWing your customers! Consider giving them a gift on the anniversary of their purchase. Or you could organise a social event for your valued customers to reward them for their business. Go and work in your clients’ businesses for a few hours if it’s appropriate. You could learn more about them and show you care about their business.

You can adapt these simple, street-smart tricks of the trade instantly to work for you no matter what your industry. Blend your marketing into your sales process with a series of Wow’s.

Remember, the way people buy is not logical – it is emotional. So as a salesperson, you need to create positive emotional experiences for your customer. Everyone in your team can be involved in creating your Wow’s. You need to be remarkable so people talk about you. To learn more, have a look at Seth Godin’s books Purple Cow and Free Prize Inside or visit

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