Jun 02 2016

Developing your Customer Avatar

Developing your Customer Avatar

We’ve spoken about knowing your ideal customer and by now you may have a good idea of your target market; age range, economic status, etc, however there is still a vagueness here that may allow you to stray from your marketing objectives- you drew these lines for a reason, don’t colour outside them for lack of focus. Get more specific.

What if you were only marketing to one person? Say, Trevor from down the road. Knowing Trevor, you will be able to be very direct in your product/service presentation and be more confident in converting the business.

Trevor is what is known as an avatar- a persona that you have created in-depth to represent your ideal customer.

Just like creating a Sim, you give your avatar a gender, a name, a look, decide his/her age, marital status, kid status and, for the visually inclined, grab a pic off the internet that matches the image in your mind of this individual.

Meet Trevor…

There will be qualities that you will want your avatar to have, but when looking at the whole persona, you may find it hard to believe that they can all exist in one person. Keep reviewing until you have a realistic view of who this individual is.

For example, Trevor is everything that we are looking for in a customer. He doesn’t fluff around, is financially solvent so he will be able to pay his bills, his business’ core values align with ours, and he has a great network so will be able to refer us to others, sending them our way.

But, to have these qualities, we found that Trevor is an old-school, no nonsense business owner. Trevor doesn’t spend a lot of time on social media, he’ll do most online searches on his phone while onsite and is more likely to follow up on a referral from a mate than go with a business he found on the net.

To market to Trevor, Facebook is not the best use of our time and our website better be smooth and responsive, but most importantly our word of mouth game needs to be strong- alliances with other businesses that work with Trevor, for example. Testimonials on our site will give Trevor peace of mind.

Digging deeper- where is Trevor now? What is he using instead of our product or service? Why would he make the switch? Are we who Trevor is looking for?

Now that we know who Trevor is and what he wants and needs, we can tailor our marketing efforts and our brand promise to be perfect for him.

For assistance with developing lead generation ideas and developing your target market, contact PROTRADE United today.


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