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We have created Business Mastery, a program designed specifically for business owners to give you clarity, confidence and connection to ensure you enjoy an unhurried lifestyle. We provide the tools and strategies to build your business while holding you accountable to getting positive results.

While focusing on building your business and implementing change for the better, you want to ensure your team rises to the challenges that come along. A better skilled team with better attitudes makes for a more cohesive, more productive and ultimately more profitable business.

The Business Mastery Fast Track program allows you to focus on getting your business off the ground with the best ‘street smart’ information from a trusted source. Half-day group sessions once a month ensure you stay on track. Modules include Sales Success, Building your Team and Marketing your Brand.

We have a range of tailored solutions focusing on consistent revenue, better profit margins, streamlining systems, improving efficiencies and building a cohesive team; specifically targeted at the results you want to achieve.


Business Mastery is a program specifically designed for the Business Owner, focusing on business development in a structured group environment. We give you the tools and strategies to build your business while holding you accountable to getting positive results.

  • Build a support network with other growth-focused individuals
  • Learn to manage your time effectively and efficiently
  • Stay fresh and innovative
  • Have your business ready to either: sell, have you ‘retire’ or allow you choose your ideal role

Business Mastery sessions are held 1 day per month, fitting simply into your busy work/life schedule and giving you the time to implement key strategies taken from the program into your business before moving on to other areas of growth.

Why a Group Environment?

Business Mastery groups are made up exclusively of trade business owners just like you, experiencing the same challenges that come with running a business. Being part of a supportive group is proven to have a higher success rate than going it alone. Participants share accountability, provide assistance and act as a confidential sounding board. Each group is limited to 12 like-minded business owners and we ensure diversity in the industries and service areas included.


What are some of the key outcomes from the Business Mastery journey?


  • Business Planning that incorporates both immediate and long term results
  • Developing systems that ensure streamlined, efficient running of your business
  • Exploring expansion options

Financial Management

  • How to manage and maximise your funds i.e. cash flow, debtors, creditors
  • Establishing accountability for budgets and targets
  • How to develop and excel in negotiation and persuasion skills

Sales & Marketing

  • Choosing the best marketing and advertising methods for your business whilst achieving optimal results per dollar spent.
  • Development of a system from pre to post sales that takes the sales out of selling
  • Create amazing customer service experiences every time to establish loyal, profitable clients

Staff Management

  • Development of personal and business leadership skills
  • How to hire and keep the best staff
  • How to improve and maintain staff productivity and performance

Work Life Balance

  • Establish a happy medium between your personal life and the pressures of running a business
  • Develop solid personal time management skills
  • Be able to effectively manage the pressures of running a business

How do I qualify for Business Mastery?

To be eligible to apply for Business Mastery your business must have been operational for at least 12 months with a minimum turnover of $200,000pa.

Contact PROTRADE United today to discuss your eligibility.


A business can only perform to the level of its incompetence, and therefore a better skilled team with better attitudes, makes for a more cohesive, more productive and ultimately more profitable business.

We have a number of training options available to assist your team to

  • Develop as powerful leaders
  • Be more productive
  • Have better communication skills
  • Provide outstanding customer service
  • Be consistently motivated and engaged


Leadership Mastery is a continual development program for business leaders and managers. On a monthly basis, participants will be introduced to key leadership concepts that have been ‘tried and tested’ worldwide to groom and develop business leaders involved in organisations from small business through to Fortune 500 companies. Find out more…


The Galvaniser Team Development Program is a 3 month short-course designed to enhance team player performance in Customer Service, Communications & Team Relationships and Productivity & Time Management. Find out more…


 PROTRADE United can design and create a personalised training program for you and your team.

Key areas of specialty include:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Sales Coaching
  • Customer Service and Client Retention
  • Communication and Relationships
  • Personal Productivity and Focus

Contact PROTRADE United today to discuss your businesses requirements.


Fast Track is ideal for start-up businesses and sole-traders who are ready to take things to the next level. Learn to grow your business, build your brand and employ team players.

With the abundance of information and ‘mis-information’ now available online, on every facet of business development and growth, this program sorts out the ‘BS’ and provides you with the best ‘street smart’ information from a trusted source. You can be assured that what you learn today – you can implement and get results today!

    Intended Outcomes of Fast Track

    • To create a business that has predictable, consistent and sustainable gross revenue and take home profit
    • Creation and implementation of effective lead generation strategies, both online and offline
    • New sales techniques to see increased results with less effort
    • Highly effective leadership techniques that engage team players and increase productivity
    • Securing a business that works for you with an improved lifestyle and sense of achievement

    How do I qualify for Fast Track?

    Contact us to find out if Fast Track is the right program for your business requirements.

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