Case Study

Red Flag Systems

Matthew Clare - Director

Matt has always been proactive in seeking ways he can improve his business. Around 3 years ago he downloaded a webinar that PROTRADE United CEO Jon Mailer hosted, and then continued to receive updates from PROTRADE. He gained a lot of confidence from this communication.

Since starting with PROTRADE, Matt has been ticking off goals at a phenomenal rate. It has made him realise that he has the ability and all he needed was an effective framework. With a solid business plan, Matt has clarity around his objectives and what he needs to do to achieve them.

He now feels really confident and in control of his business. He has also achieved personal goals, including not working weekends whilst his financial goals have been reached too.
If he was asked by someone about our programs, his response would be “Join. It’s absolutely worth it!"

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Inconsistent Cash Flow
• Long hours
• Works weekends

Outcomes & Results

Clear KPI’s & targets

Implemented systems throughout the business

Clear finances and targets

Increased Net Profit

Solid Business Plan

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