Case Study

Mint Plumbing

Kirsten & Michael Ratcliffe - Director

Our business prior to PROTRADE was stressful a lot of the time with inconsistencies in cashflow & profit and a feeling of loneliness in business and not knowing where to turn to for the assistance we really needed.

Our personal lives were very busy and consumed a lot by the business.

Our decision to join Protrade was motivated by wanting to understand our business better, meet with other likeminded business owners & to take control over our work/life balance.

Some specific changes that that we made since joining PROTRADE United include?

- We set clear & defined parameters with weekly set tasks to secure our dream clients
- We let go of some C Grade Clients that were not benefiting our business
- We implemented set monthly target and goals to achieve to ensure our cashflow and profit margins are met.
- We implemented a range of systems and procedures & KPI’s within the business
- We have regular meetings/functions with our staff and have really got to understand our team, how they work and how we can better assist them
- We determined our break even hourly rate and in-turn increased our hourly rate to obtain the profit margin we wanted without kick back or loosing any clients.

We managed to increase our net profit margin by 205% however only increasing our sales revenue by 21% we finally feel like we now have jobs that allow us to work smarter not harder.

We have secured 3 new dream clients that we had been trying to commence a working relationship with for over a year by being focused, patient and having staff available when required as we said no to clients that were not benefiting the business

By implementing regular team meeting and have clear KPI’s for each of our staff we have been able to better utilise their skills in the areas they are comfortable in & our team as a whole is a lot stronger
By understanding our business better we have been able to make more informed and calculated decisions which have resulted in us putting on an additional team member, engaging with a regular sub-contractor agreement and leasing an office premises for the business.

Our work/life balance has dramatically increased for the better. We have taken a big risk by leasing and office and warehouse space for the company, taking that next step in having our work & home life separate. We have our weekends back, we rarely have to work late nights and we are enjoying working in the business. We have had 2 overseas holidays away from the business a plenty of mini weekend escapes.

Our business has had a greater exposure within our industry and we now have clients calling us and wanting us to work for them instead of chasing the work all the time. Our staff enjoy working in the business, and we are always looking for new and challenging opportunities to take the business to the next level.

Our biggest breakthrough was learning how much more money the business can make when you aren’t just “Working in it”, but “Working on it”

We have enjoyed the continued support and relationships that we have built within the Protrade family, you may only attend a session once a month but the life long connections and friendships that we have made by being exposed to likeminded business people has forever changed our vision on why we are in business and driven us to continue to strive for better in all aspects of business and life.

Don’t just sit back and think that you are alone in your business, there is a community of likeminded business owners and knowledgeable coaches available to support and guide you to take your business to that next level while understanding the importance of work/life balance.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Inconsistent Cash Flow
• Long hours
• Poor work life balance
• Poor quality clients

Outcomes & Results

Clear KPI’s & targets

Implemented systems throughout the business

Clear finances and targets

Increased net profit by 205%

Increased sales revenue by 21%

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