How to Win More Business in 2017

With a new year just kicking off, business owners are excited by the prospect of what 2017 has in store. Hopefully, you will have set some time aside by now and created your financial goals.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you are looking to turn a dollar, you will need to sell something. If you’ve created some ‘quality stretch’ targets for the business, chances are you’ll be required to sell more than ever before.

Before we move on… Have you noticed that clients have become a little bit more difficult to sell to over recent times? If you answered yes, well here’s why…

The market has more education and there is greater competition. Simple.

Buying vs. Selling

Although face to face contact is still considered the most powerful way to build trust, rapport and credibility, most prospective clients will decide if they want to do business with you well before they even pick up the phone.

Google, smart phones and social media have provided unlimited access to information on any subject matter, allowing people to learn more about your business/industry…fast. This transition means there are more people buying in a straight forward transaction as opposed to you selling to them.

So, how do you adapt to this ever evolving market place? Here are some simple yet effective tips.

1: Online Education:

Being open and transparent about how your products/services are delivered. This empowers customers to make better informed decisions and compare alternatives more easily.

Make YouTube videos and online product demonstrations your friend.

2: Spend More Time Determining Needs

Generally speaking, with a better educated prospect comes a greater need to have questions answered. So it is essential to ask more questions about what your prospect is trying to achieve and what they already know. Here’s a PRO- TIP: relate to your potential client like a ‘project partner’, who is committed to learn as much about the project they are about to invest in.

3: Google and Facebook Reviews

As clients are learning more about your industry online, and they are confident that they have found the product/service they are looking for, they will then be on the hunt for the right company to buy from. Peer based reviews carry a lot of weight in the decision making process, and the best way to facilitate this is by using Google and Facebook reviews. Two simple ways to build your online reviews:

  1. Ask your existing customers; your biggest advocates.
  2. Build your request for a review into your post sales process. The more the merrier!

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