How to Attract Quality Results by Transforming Your Mindset

Attract Quality Results by Transforming Your Mindset
Aug 24 2017

How to Attract Quality Results by Transforming Your Mindset

How to Attract Quality Results by Transforming Your Mindset

We have been brought up to live in a very competitive world. During our younger schooling years, we were measured against children who may have better literacy skills, better numeracy skills, better skills in the field of sport, music and so on. Then, as we grow and progress, matters become increasingly intensified. In high school and university, we are told to do all that we can to win and to look after number one (that’s you!). However, the challenge is, in a business world self-seeking people generally lose.

So, these days with businesses thriving on collaboration and connection, building partnerships and assisting one another to become successful, our traditional mindset must be transformed. For that to happen, you must think a certain (perhaps different) way, by viewing one another in terms of relationships and not as competitors.

As a business owner, often your own survival is front of mind. So every day we have thousands of thoughts, ideas and concepts racing through our minds. Some are brilliant, others are good, however many are not of value and it is the role of our brain to filter what we should listen to, what we act on, and how we act.  The challenge with this is that you can be drawn to focus on activities and thoughts that only benefit yourself, and neglect the power on focusing on helping others to win and be successful.

Below are some key steps you can take to shift your thinking to work for you, not against you.

 Think “Abundance”

The key to attracting great quality clients and results to your business is to focus your mind on abundant thinking.

So what is abundance? Well first, let us look at the opposite – scarcity. Scarcity is worrying that everyone else is getting more than you are or, by giving up or saying NO to jobs/work, someone else will benefit. You worry about limited resources and focus on the win-lose concept that if someone else wins, another person must lose. This mindset is characterised by people taking on everything and anything, underselling themselves and keeping clients that are more trouble than they are worth. Ultimately, what ends up happening? We tend to lose sight of our passion, vision and what may be truly possible in business.

So what does a successful business owner do to think differently? They think big, in terms of abundance – and rarely scarcity. Abundant thinking has you inherently believe that there are unlimited opportunities in business. That there is a never-ending supply of quality work; when you focus on quality.

Not only do you want to think big, you want to act as if there is plenty. However, this is not spending beyond your means, rather acting, behaving, talking and thinking as if you are already successful. Present a successful appearance. Always focus on what you can do for others rather than what clients can do for you; which means never view a customer as a dollar sign.

Those who act in this way are ready and able to assist others succeed, and in turn, are ready to be supported in their success. The abundant thinking business owner focuses on helping other people seek opportunities without feeling like they are missing out themselves. They become selfless rather than selfish.

 Have an Open Mind

There are opportunities for yourself and others all around you, if you have an open mind.

If you are scarcity-orientated you cannot be opportunity-orientated at the same time, therefore opportunities may not even appear on your radar. Your brain filters them out in favour of survival-based solutions.

 Ask Better Questions

The key to changing your thoughts is to ask better questions. Ask questions such as “How can I help you?”, or “How can I assist you to do better?” or “What do I need to do today to be successful?” or “How can I overcome that challenge?” or “Do you have a challenge that I can help you with?”

These questions are in stark contrast to scarcity questions such as “Will this sale cover this week’s expenses?” or “If I don’t win this project, how will we survive this month?” Quality questions allow you to stand out from those wading through the muddy waters of self-interest.

 Your Key Actions

  • Start working on your mindset; be aware of your thoughts on a daily basis
  • Read, listen, or chat about personal development every day, if possible, for 10 minutes
  • Write a list of questions that are empowering that will help you keep focused on the big picture
  • Surround yourself with like-minded business owners that are there to support you and keep you focused on what is possible when times are challenging.

For more information on how to improve your business mindset and gain positive results, contact the team at PROTRADE United – or call 1300 767 774

Written by Jon Mailer

CEO & Founder of PROTRADE United

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