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Marty Kaminski - Director

Before starting with PROTRADE United I was very labour oriented spending 6 to 7 days on the tools, with limited income, and no clear plan. I needed clarity and direction and was sick of winging it as a business owner.

I was introduced to PROTRADE United through another builder, and since working with them, I have shifted my mindset to become more professional and act now as more of a project manager than a carpenter. Jobs now run smoother and I get back to clients quickly with pricing and communication. It has allowed me to work on my business and implement some bigger picture goals.

My biggest breakthrough has been my confidence with my new role within the business and not feeling guilty by stepping off the tools.

The PROTRADE community is fantastic. With other business owners and the team to help you achieve new goals, and helps you push and aim higher. If you are thinking about working with PROTRADE United, it is not an option. If you think you can't afford it, that is the very reason that you should and you will get a tenfold return. I can never speak highly enough of the coaches, the team and PROTRADE United. It is a paradigm shift in thinking and necessary part of running a successful trade business.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Long hours
• Winging it as a business owner
• Limited profit
• Lack of direction

Outcomes & Results

Greater energy

Projects run smoothly

Clear direction & goals

Prioritising and delegating tasks

Reducing stress!

Increased profits

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