Case Study

Wire-Not Electrical

Andrew Reilly - Director

Like many small businesses It started in a room under the house. I pulled in my wife to help with the books and we were both facing steep learning curves with me learning the business side electrically and my wife learning the finance side. Today we have 8 tradies and 3 apprentices. Our ideal project is that commercial and hospitality space, so the commercial shops and offices and restaurants.

I want to grow this business and I want to grow it slowly and successfully and I just felt that I needed some more training to achieve this. Initially I attended a PROTRADE breakfast, those information sessions are great, short and sharp, very good content. You can take away a lot from just those sessions. My biggest breakthrough has been two-fold, definitely focusing on the core values and I really underestimated that and the importance of the decision making team culture. With this training I’ve been across the figures a lot more and I’ve been able to drill down and create a lot more efficiencies.
One of the benefits of being with PROTRADE is working with the other business owners in the group. We might have slightly different challenges but we are like minded. The future of Wire-Not electrical is to continue to grow in a management scale and speed


Initial Challenges

• Attracting the ideal customer
• Financial Projections and Consistency
• Hiring Systems and Procedures

Outcomes & Results

Financial Projections

Increased Gross Profit

Created an Excellent Team Culture

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