Case Study

Seeto & Sons Air Conditioning

Ruben Seeto - Director

Before I joined PROTRADE United I had no clue how to operate a business. Now that I am more aware, I can see a common theme of frustration, confusion and challenges that I hear from trade businesses that have not seeked further education. I was physically and mentally exhausted, focusing on the noise and running to the loudest screams. I knew I needed help but each time I convinced myself out of signing up with PROTRADE, I would be re-broken.

The biggest change I have experienced is that I’ve prioritised working on myself first. Previously, I was working for everyone else first and the limited energy I had left would be for myself.

I am now aware that my team mirror my energy and now make a conscious effort to keep everyone in a good space mentally and physically.

since joining PROTRADE everything has improved in life and business. If I had to choose one specific result it would be the environment that I had created as a family man and leader of a business. Previously being so exhausted and frustrated, this energy was being passed on to others around me.

I have more mental clarity and have learnt to look at my business through another lens. I have learnt to remain calm as we go through a dip as I now know that every business goes through this and it’s not only a reflection of myself as I used to take this personally.

Feeling like I am starting to put together a direction for the business has also allowed me to trust in the process that we are on the right track for the business.

Personally, I have learnt to exist in the moment and enjoy having time off. I have learnt to switch off rather than constantly stress about the business and have really enjoyed time spent with family. My biggest breakthrough was thanks to my coach Gio. He was able to pull some very deep seeded internal issues out of me and provided guidance which has now changed my life.

I enjoyed being part of an organisation where everyone is like minded, where we can be honest and not feel judged and share the highs and lows. I enjoy coming to the monthly classes and seminars as I always come away from these having learnt something new and feeling energised.

When speaking to other business owners I identify there are pain points which are common to all of us. I give examples of what I’m learning and changes I have and will make. I’m now a big believer in further education as it’s the only way to change things and PROTRADE is the place to go.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Physically and mentally exhausted
• Focused on putting out fires and keeping up
• Working long hours
• High levels of stress

Outcomes & Results

High levels of energy

Great team communication

Clear direction & goals

Prioritising and delegating tasks

Reducing stress!

Increased profits

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