Case Study

Salmon Plumbing

John Salmon - Director

Before I began with PROTRADE United my business was not performing to its potential. We had poor financial results and little directional focus. I felt like I was treading water, with lots of things to do and not knowing where to start. I recognised that I was ready now to start listening and learning and to also realise the potential of my business.

Since beginning with PROTRADE United we have implemented key procedures and systems, in particular around our hiring processes, how meetings are run, sales targets and marketing.

The specific results have been empowerment and confidence around decisions with the business culture, and the quality of delivery and service by our team. We have increased customer satisfaction and repeat business, and now have a solid plan to grow the business again. The biggest impact has been creating an amazing culture at work and the positive attitude and confidence with the team.

My biggest breakthrough has been my confidence and attitude in dealing with challenging situations. What I have enjoyed the most working with PROTRADE is the accountability, and now seeing what's possible and achievable with my business.

If you are thinking of doing work with PROTRADE United and you are ready to change, don't hesitate and give a go.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Lack of direction and clear focus
• Missing some processes and procedures
• No clear KPI's

Outcomes & Results

Great work place culture

Improved customer satisfaction

Implemented new hiring procedure

Implemented new marketing plan

Clear sales targets

Systemising and created processes throughout the business

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