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Bob Popich - Painting Pros

Before I began working with PROTRADE United, I felt like my business was out of control. It was like a ship without a captain, and I had really no idea how out of control it was! There was no structure, guys were just coming and going, money was going in and out, and I was just getting by. Even though running large jobs, having 16 guys on the tools and been operating for over 10 years, I was not making any profit, and working my back side off. PROTRADE United has given me the tools to track my key financials, to know the actual costs to run my business and understand my break-even point every month, which before I had no idea of! They helped me increase my hourly rate by over $25, where I used to drop my prices to win work, and I now select the projects that I choose to do, where before I was desperate for any income. I now know what I am worth and not shy to charge it. I have doubled my monthly income which has flowed onto a significant increase in profits, which is being reinvested back into the business to upgrade equipment and reward the team.

It’s great working with PROTRADE United, not just for the content, yet for the collaboration with other trade business owner in their community, and my coach on a monthly basis.If you are thinking to work with PROTRADE United, don’t hesitate, because if you are like me, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about business and you’ll thank yourself for making this choice!

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• No clear targets and goals
• Scheduling & planning challenges
• Small profit margins
• Long hours

Outcomes & Results

Implemented a financial score card

Increased hours rate by over $25

Hand pick projects and ideal clients

Doubled monthly income

Signification increase in profits

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