Case Study

Mrs Splashback

Rebecca D'Angelo - Director

Before joining PROTRADE United I was less organised, had little procedure in place and had the wrong staff. I knew that if I wanted to grow my business and I needed help with implementing procedures. I needed direction and certainly needed new staff.

Since joining PROTRADE United I have:
- Implemented in-depth procedures throughout the business
- Clearer communication with staff including expectations and our vision
- Staff are aligned with our values
- We now have a clear direction and a plan to get there
- Focus on numbers and tracking performance
- Hired a bookkeeper / part time office staff
- Implemented a CRM & scheduling system

I am less stressed and my outlook on the business is different. I’ve been able to set boundaries that have allowed me to integrate personal and business life. I now have additional office staff and a business partner. My biggest breakthrough was setting up procedures while having implemented a CRM and scheduling system. This has improved efficiencies throughout the business.

I've really enjoyed Communicating with other businesses in my group, learning from their experiences but also the different ways they think and do things. Being kept accountable by the team and Kathy my coach. Kathy’s ideas and outlook on business have been excellent.

If you are thinking about joining PROTRADE, just do it, you will not look back. It will definitely help you grow your business properly. Giving you the right tools you need to make sure the back bone of your business is set up correctly. Highly recommend no matter what stage your business is. If you want to fast track the growth of your business whilst keeping your sanity PROTRADE is for you!

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Staff Challenges
• Lack of in depth systems
• High levels of stress

Outcomes & Results

Implemented procedures and processes

Excellent team

Great communication with customers & team

Increased Profit

Clear KPI and target tracking

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