Case Study

Lauxes Grates

Tim Dawson - Director

Before working with PROTRADE United, business and life was one big struggle, heading in the wrong direction. I felt alone with nowhere to go to help manage the struggle of business and life. I pretended everything was okay without facing the reality.

I had hit a point in life where if I didn't change, my life would have been different today. I already had a business that had failed and didn't want to go down the same path again. Surely there was a better way to do business than the way I was doing it at that time.

Since working with PROTRADE United I am really clear on the business and life that I want, and the steps that I need to make it happen.

My business has grown organically every month with record income and profits consistently. I am extremely focused on turning profits into cash flow to give me freedom to travel the rest the world, work less hours and spend more time with my love ones. I know now that it is possible to create an awesome business and an amazing personal life at the same time.

My biggest breakthrough has been implementing systems into the business that has allowed me to delegate to people who can do a better job more efficiently than I could, and also creating a team that can deliver on your idea.

The thing I have enjoyed most is meeting the people in my group with our monthly catch-ups and the accountability, together with the tools and systems that have been shared with us. Looking back I had no idea how I could have run a business without them.

If you are thinking about starting with PROTRADE United you will regret you didn't start earlier. And if you don't think that now is the right time, then it is definitely is the right time for you to start.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Feeling isolated in business
• Lack of confidence
• Cash-flow
• Missing systems and processes
• Long hours

Outcomes & Results

Growth Every Month

Great Cash-flow

High Performing Team

Complete Systems & Processes

2016 Business of the Year

2019 Business of the Year

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