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Jon Tucker Constructions

Jon Tucker - Director

"Jon Tucker Constructions has been operating for around 15 years. I've got 7 employees working for me at the moment. An ideal project for us is a large renovation refurbishment. We tend to do a lot of queenslanders and i guess that due to word of mouth and it gains a bit of a following. The biggest challenge with growing the business for any tradesman's point of view; cause lets face it most of us just start out as a tradesman; I think is the admin side of things in the beginning. Then as the business grew it became a balancing act between productivity on site and not letting the admin get away from you. The impact on the back end is the classic old come home from work, debrief with the wife then a good 2 or 3 hours in the office.

Some of the specific things I have implemented in the business from being with PROTRADE, I'm over my finances a lot more, in terms of goals, turnover, profit percentage, what it should be, what I need to do to make it happen, how I can manipulate things to make that better without effecting the end results, better management of my team, and better support from my team from working with PROTRADE. All of a sudden; a lot of the guys working for me have worked for other guys in the past they now see themselves as working for someone who actually really believes he is running a business not just running a job site.

I have more freedom and personal time, I have more trust in the people working for me. Now I work on my business, the fact that I even work on my business is something that i never would have done before working with PROTRADE. What I'd say to someone who is thinking about joining PROTRADE; you have to do it. If you have had no formal business training, if you've never had a detailed look at the back end of a business, the financials , the running of it, the goal setting, the training, the way you should structure, incentivise, reward and manage your team. You need it. I wish I'd done it 12 years ago. And I envy the young guys I see going through PROTRADE from the very beginning, it's going to set them up in such a better way for the future."

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Financial projection
• Site productivity vs admin duties
• Long hours

Outcomes & Results

Shorter Hours

High performing team I can trust

Financial awareness including goals, turnover & profit %

Implemented systems & procedures throughout the business

Improved lifestyle and personal freedom

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