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Gio Silanesu - Director

I’ve been around the building industry most my life. My old man was in it and I used to work with him a lot. I decided very quickly that I wanted to expand my knowledge and have an impact on peoples lives.

I started my business thinking I knew pretty much everything, and then realised I knew pretty much nothing about running a business. After about 2 or 3 years, lots of hard work and effort was always there but we had got to a stage where we couldn’t grow any further than that.

I started to look outside of myself for answers and I came across PROTRADE United. Being with other like-minded business owners, similar sized businesses, you get to learn from other people. You start to realise that other people have started in the exactly the same way.

My biggest breakthrough came when I was challenged and asked that I should start charging to quote. When I went to my industry body, both of which said it would never happen and you can’t do it in our industry, you will never win any work. I put my worst ever sales pitch together and got paid to quote, it was obviously the process not the pitch that got the client across. We started charging for quotes ever since.

The education that I’ve received has been far out paid and I’ve earned that 50 times more then what I’ve invested. As a consequence, it’s lead to many other opportunities for us not just in the building industry.

When the business starts to improve, your stress levels funny enough start to diminish. Your home life is better, your family life is better, your kids relate to you better, I relate to my kids better. It very much becomes a positive cycle rather than a negative one.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Quoting processes and systems
• Financial Projections and Consistency
• Hiring Systems and Procedures
• stagnating growth

Outcomes & Results

New Improved Quoting Process

Improved Profit Margin

Excellent Customer Service

Great Team Culture

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