Case Study

DPM Painting

Daniel Marrinan - DPM Painting

Prior to working with PROTRADE United, business was unorganised, stressful, too much work and not enough family time, never ending demands, and I had no pride in my business. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue in business, and had thought about going back to work for wages.I started working with with PROTRADE United as foremost I was a tradesman, yet lacked the business skills and to improve the areas of my business that needed attention. I wanted to grow myself, put systems in place, and have business that lasted ate least the next 10 to 15 years.PROTRADE United has helped me be organised, implement great systems and processes, become aware of my financials, I now have a clear target market, 90-day goals, and a clear direction for business and life.

PROTRADE United helped me increase my square metre rates by 20%, increase my hourly rate by 100%, structure my sales process and building repeat business, giving me the highest net profit in by business career. This has allowed me to pay off my credit cards, car loans and tax debt. And for the first time ever I am turning work away. Also, as a result, I am now no longer weekends, giving me more time at home, one on one time with myself, my son and my wife.My biggest breakthrough was recognising I needed help with the business, and then having the courage to ask for help and taking the steps to improve it.Working with PROTRADE United gives me time out once a month to work on my business, connect with other like-minded business owners and having a great mentor and advisor to bounce ideas off and receive advice.If you are thinking about working with PROTRADE United it is definitely worth the investment, and I cannot wait to continue the journey.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• High levels of stress
• Few systems in place
• No clear goals & targets
• Working long hours

Outcomes & Results

Implemented systems & procedures

Reduced hours and improved work life balance

Increased square metre rate by 20%

Increased hourly rate by 100%

Clear goals and targets

Implemented a financial scorecard

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