Case Study

DJS Plumbing and Gas Services

David Sfettina - Director

DJS plumbing& Gas is a small business operating throughout Brisbane mainly focusing on maintenance work. We've been trying to expand the business and ensure it is sustainable. Our staff varies depending on the contracts we hold, we pride ourselves on great service and quality work and being on time.

We were referred to PROTRADE United through another plumber. I thought I had hit a brick wall in business. I could do everything, I could lay drains, I could rough in buildings, i was very good at the technical service type of work but I just didn't know how to structure and set up a company and a business so It's viable in amongst the competition. Before then things were moving but then they would stop, because there were no efficiencies and I just didn't know how to get around that. After visiting a few of PROTRADE's courses I've realised that there's a whole new world in business out there and if you don't open your mind to these new things, then you will never get out of your little bubble of where you are.

I've come a long way in 6 months, making the process easier to get paid, processes easier to quote. I think that was a big learning stage through PROTRADE. How to generate revenue and also the sales and marketing side of things, which is very important if you want to employ people.

The help and support you get, it doesn't matter how big or small or how silly the question may be, there's always someone at PROTRADE to give you some feedback or information or refer you to someone who can answer your question. The amount of knowledge in a such a small space is overwhelming and it really added to my company developing a lot of skills especially for cash flow which we were really struggling on. PROTRADE has really opened up and given me a future in small business.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Hit a brick wall in business
• Business structure
• Consistency of work
• Cash Flow

Outcomes & Results

New payment systems to get paid faster

Consistent and dependable cash flow

Improved quoting process

New Marketing and promotion campaign

Implemented HR & Hiring Processes

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