Case Study

Brush Masters

Peter Maidment - Brush Masters Brisbane

Before working with PROTRADE United business is best described as winging it! We were all over the place, not quite knowing where we were heading or even if we would succeed. I did not understand the financials, and we lacked systems. However I knew there was a better way yet not quite sure what it was. I was a good tradesman and needed business skills as good as my trade skills.

Since beginning with PROTRADE United we review our financials weekly, have clarity around our numbers and cash flow forecasting. I now understand the real cost to employ people, and implementing daily and weekly meetings has also allowed us to keep on track and have our jobs so much more profitable. I have increased my price without any impact on the business flow which has allowed profit and cash flow to grow. Other tools has allowed me to support my team and now they are fully engaged on the journey.

My biggest breakthrough has been an increase in my confidence. I'm now okay with asking for help and I am now confident in the decisions I make, not only for the growth of Brush Masters Brisbane but also my personal journey.

Being at PROTRADE is like being around one giant supportive community. Realising that I wasn't alone and other people are experiencing exactly the same challenges as myself. It’s great to know that other people are invested in the success of myself as a person and business.

If you are thinking of starting with PROTRADE United, do it and don't hold back. The tools and content that you will learn are game changers for anyone in business. The more people that'll get involve the better your industry will be.

Working with PROTRADE United has been challenging, joyful and life-changing.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Winging it without solid plans and goals
• Financial clarity
• Lack of systems and processes
• Focused on being a good tradesman but needed to improve business skills

Outcomes & Results

Clear cash flow forecasting

Increased job profit

Great workplace culture

Confidence in my decisions

Greater management of my team

Increased prices without impacting quality or conversions

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