Case Study

Affinity Plumbing Solutions

Kalah & David - Lubbock

Before starting with PROTRADE United I (David) was in a very negative mindset. I wasn't quite sure whether our business would succeed and it was impacting our marriage. We had made good money to date yet had no clue around running the business. We also didn’t have a way of coping with challenges that confronted us both personally and within our marriage and my personal health was also suffering.

We were sick of winging it! I thought that investing in PROTRADE United would be something that that would have me commit to making some improvements.

Working with PROTRADE United allowed us to step back and reflect on the business and our life. We implemented systems to allow us to become more aware of our financials, our cash flow, and our profitability. We have greater confidence and understanding of the business, and with guidance on what software to use we are now positive and focused on the things we can do.

Working with PROTRADE has allowed us to face the challenges of being a business owner confidently and have us in a strong financial situation with both business and the family. We have also learned a lot about each other as husband and wife.

Our biggest breakthrough has been looking at ourselves as business owners versus what is not working externally.

The great thing about working with PROTRADE United is sharing with other business owners who are on the same journey and having a mentor to guide you along the way.

If you are looking for clarity and tools to guide you on your business journey, PROTRADE United is the way to go. It takes the loneliness out of running a business and puts you around people who share the same value and experience.

PROTRADE United Journey

Initial Challenges

• Negative mindset
• Long hours impacting home life
• Missing processes and procedures

Outcomes & Results

Business wide systems

Financial Awareness

Improve cash flow and profit

Reduced hours

Greater confidence in our decisions 

Great team culture

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