Discover how to create consistent,
predictable profits and cash flow.

Inconsistent profits and cash flow can create stress and unnecessary pressure, resulting in reactive decisions that may have you compromising your quality of work and long term results.

Careful cash flow planning and financial strategising allows you to make smarter decisions for the future. There are many simple tools a business owner can use to create consistent, sustainable revenue with a take-home profit.

In this 2-hour, practical summit, you will discover...

  • How to prepare yourself and your business for the financial year ahead

  • Practical methods to reduce overheads and increase take-home net profit

  • How to speed up money coming into your account

  • Financial forecasting strategies to improve bottom-line profitability

  • How to protect your business during an economic correction

  • Plus a Q&A panel and plenty of networking opportunities

Join us for a quick bite and a beverage along with trade-specific, street smart tools to help improve cash flow in your business.


Michael - Livable

Business Owners

Trade/ construction business owners searching for an even better way to run their business to create consistency of results and long-term stability.

Jon Tucker team

Key Team Players

Managers and leaders that are assisting to fulfil on the vision and drive of the business, holding influential positions such as Foreman, Operations Manager, Team Leader, etc.

Customer Shaking Hands With Builder

Trade/Construction Business Suppliers

Those who support or supply to the trades industry will find relevant information and great networking opportunities.


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