Become a real professional in your trade and make your business skills as good as your trade skills

Inconsistent cash flow can create stress and unnecessary pressure, resulting in reactive decisions that may have you compromising your profits in order to cover debts.

Careful cash flow planning and financial strategising allows you to make smarter decisions for the future. There are many simple tools a business owner can use to create consistent, sustainable revenue with a take-home profit.

This breakfast workshop is focused on providing trade specific street smart tools and skills to help improve cash flow in your business.


By implementing these tools and skills into your business you will gain a better understanding of your finances and stop being reactive to expenses. You will discover confidence in your ability to actively work towards your financial goals.

Take advantage of industry knowledge and network with like-minded business owners who are proactively looking for ways to improve their trade business

At this practical, results-focused session you will discover:

  • How to prepare yourself and your business financially for the year ahead
  • Financial forecasting strategies to improve bottom-line profitability
  • How to speed up money coming into your account
  • Software to help maximise profit on each job
  • The value of reporting monthly/quarterly with simple to use programs
  • How to smooth out the lumps in your cash flow moving forward



19th May 7:30am – 10:30am

MPAQ Ticket: $79 each | MPAQ Double Ticket: $129

Single Ticket: $159 each | Double Ticket: $295

PROTRADE United – Ground Floor, 727 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, 4102


18th May 7:30am – 10:30am

Single Ticket: $159 each | Double Ticket: $295

Amora Riverwalk – 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond 3121

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